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Lighting pedestrian crossing

Light signal for pedestrian crossings

- Product Made in Italy
- Energy sabing: the signal consumes 69W in total against 240w of standard signals
- Weight: 18 kg against 30 kg of signals standar
- Guarantee: 3 years against the year of standard signals

- Construction: internally lit sign with a transparent face, single and double sided versions available. The faces are interchangeable.
- Fixings: metal - galvanised for suspended signs, on poles, “f ag”;
- Body: made of anodised aluminium alloy extrusions, treated to resist atmospheric attack;
- Fronts: 3mm thick
- Dimensions: we can make all the signs provided for by art. 80 of the Italian Highway Code; we mainly make f g. 303 “pedestrian crossing” 94cmx94cm , 15cm
- Symbols: decorations on the outer part of the sign face. In particular conditions for which the sign must be refracting, even when it is not lighting due to a fault or a power outage, a special refracting f lm can be added on the front to transmit and diffuse light. In case of blackout the light for refraction is provided by the lights of vehicles approaching the sign
- Cabling: 220 Vac power supply
- Signal protection degree: IP 23.
- Electrical system protection degree IP65
- Insulation class: double insulation system, class “II”
- Electrical components: 72 LED SMS white high ef fciiency