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From the 1st of January 2013 the rules EN 12899-1:2007 (in Italy it was adopted as UNI EN 12899-1:2008, with the same text translated into Italian) and UNI 11480:2013 entered into force, adopting and improving the European and Italian laws concerning the production of vertical road signs. With this new rules it is now mandatory to have the CE stamp on all permanent vertical road signs. This translates into an important step forward towards the complete commercial integration in the field of road signs and it is also a good opportunity to improve them and the road safaty in Italy. Existing signs remain valid, but it is now forbidden to produce and sell in Europe vertical signs without the CE stamp. Today, at last, the CE stamp recovers its leading role in protecting and improving the safety of our roads. The SOA certificate is mandatory to take part to tenders for public works. It is a document that is necessary and sufficient to prove the capability of a company to perform the object of the tender, either directly or subcontracting, public works worth more than € 150.000,00. The SOA certificate proves and guarantees that its holder has all the qualifications required by the current law concerning public contracts. The SOA certificate is valid for five years (but its validity is checked three years after it is originally issued) and is granted after a through check of all the documents produced by the company, documents that concern the last ten years of its activities. The check is performed by specific Bodies of Certification, which are companies authorised by the AVCP (Autorità per la Vigilanza sui Contratti Pubblici - Authority for the Security of Public Contracts). The SOA certificate qualifies a company to win contracts for specific types of works and also their different value.

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