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regulation of social distancing inputs

Due to the health emergency that we are facing, companies and areas with a high flow of people will need to check the correct behavior of citizens and workers, it will therefore be necessary to know the number of people present in an area in order to manage access. in maximum safety.
For this Sibestar s.r.l. offers different solutions that, starting from the exact counting of people, activate traffic lights or displays for space management.

winning logotype contest

Thanking all the participants in the competition, we hereby announce that the work of Marco Vidalba has been chosen, of which we have attached what has been presented.
We will probably change small details of the logo and then use it definitively.
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Today we become older ..

TOP range light signal

TOP range light signal for pedestrian crossings, signal lighting and strong LED pedestrian crossing lighting.

Solutions for pedestrian crossing

Examples of use of light signals to increase the road safety of pedestrian crossings

Speedcam new rules for speed controls in italy

New Italian rules for electronic speed controls. This is what the Minniti directive requires, with the reclassification and more efficient definition of speed detection systems, in pdf find in addition to the new rules a description and graphical examples with the size and characteristics of the signs to be used to signal the control posts for the detection Of speed, download the attachment for more information.

Countdowns and clever traffic lights will be soon on Italian junctions

After a long delay, it will be soon possible to install the so called clever traffic lights (those which switch to red if vehicles are travelling too fast) and countdowns. Those devices, that are already installed on many of our junctions,  are unfortunately illegal and have been often the focus of controversies. The law that allows the installation of these devices was already issued in 2010, but the government had not emanated a decree specifying the technical characteristics of such devices.
Answering to a request from the parliament, Umberto del Basso De Caro has referred that it is now time to go ahead, as the experimentation of the devices has given positive results. A draft of the decree is not under examination by the Council of Public Works. The road is still long, because producers will have then to certify their products, but the step forward is very important.

New signs for disabled parking.

In Italy expires on 14 September 2015 the transitional period for the adaptation of the mark and the signage to the disabled, in implementation of the Decree of the President of July 30, 2012, number 151, with the "Regulation amending Presidential Decree 16 December 1992 495 on the Regulation of execution and implementation of the new Highway Code, with regard to structure, marking and signage to facilitate the mobility of disabled persons "
Besides the personal mark it has changed the signage both horizontal and vertical.
 In road signs symbol disabled reported on signal Fig. 79 / a and the figures 130, 320 and 322a of orange with black writing turns blue with white writing.
The figures in the markings of Presidential Decree no. 445 / a, 445 / b, 445 / c are replaced by the new symbol disabled by the color white on a blue background.
SIBESTAR in this regard makes the adhesive of the new disability symbol printed on reflective film, allowing you to update the signal.

Detecting vehicles in the wrong

It is increasingly common phenomenon of vehicles traveling the wrong way causing accidents almost always fatal, to address this phenomenon we have a very effective system:
  By sensors embedded in the pavement when a vehicle travels against traffic triggers both entered in the flashing signs warning that the fixed red light, the system is customizable and can be implemented with other resources, cameras that send images of the event, sending sms in case of failures, etc ...
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Light signal for pedestrian crossings

Light signal for pedestrian crossings, lighting and signal of the pedestrian crossing lights.

There mandatory for road signs

On 1 January 2013 came into force to EN 12899-1: 2007 which requires the mandatory CE marking for permanent traffic signs, so they can no longer be produced and sold on the domestic and European territory permanent vertical signals without CE marking.
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