Market leader of road signs. Road marking machines, traffic lights and road marking and road signs.


On top of its production, SIBESTAR has trained technicians capable of offering several different services.

In every topic, SIBESTAR assists its customers with the legal and technical aspects of the job, whether the project is the numbering of a street or the installation of a new signalled junction.

What differentiates SIBESTAR from its competitors is the structure of the company, with specialised people in each field. This means that when the customers ask, for instance, for an improvement in the safety of a road or junction, SIBESTAR is alway able to offer the product or products that suits the particular problem, wether a new set of traffic lights, some road markings or a speed detection system.

Installation and maintenance of traffic signals

SIBESTAR has a long tradition of designing, installing and maintaining traffic signals.

We have technicians to perform the regular periodical maintenance of signals (which is mandatory under the Italian law)
and we can also offer a fast response service for urgent repairs in case of faults or accidents.

We can offer all these services for any kind of signal, not only those we provide.

We can also help customers to have a better management of their traffic, by analysing it and adjusting the timings.

Road signs

With several teams of technicians, SIBESTAR implements continously road marks and traffic signs, including the luminous ones. All the signs are produced by SIBESTAR and therefore the pricing is very competitive.

Road Marking machines

SIBESTAR procudes road marking machines but can also maintain and repair its own and those from other makers. The company has a large storage of spares, that can also be shipped to customers who want to fix the machines themselves.

Digital printing

Sibestar prints in large format with the Orafol ORALITEĀ® ECO Traffic Printer system. The printed reflective films are CE certified for the EN 12899: 1-2007 standard (Permanent vertical signage for road traffic) and are guaranteed up to 12 years outdoors directly from Orafol.

The inks used are Greenguard Gold certified and are being evaluated for use for Nordic Swan Ecolabel prints.

In addition, it has printed reflective films to create personalized road signs, we make PVC stickers, studded PVC banners, signs for floors and other customized products.