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Striping paint

L 250

Pneumatic gun for refractive and non-refractive paints, with shroud system, on fixed support.

- Engine diesel 34 HP (= 25,5 kW), water cooled, endowed with: electric starter, alternator to recharge the battery, fuel tank: 30 l
- Two-cylinder two-stage compressor provided with:delivery 1390 l/min, cast iron cylinders, which assure a better cooling and performance, pressure limiting valve, for the air delivery regulation.
- Pneumatic gun for refractive and non-refractive paints, with shroud system, on fixed support.
- Paint tank. Stainless steel. Capacity: 250 litre. Endowed with hydraulic stirrer.
- Glass beads dispenser with: tank capacity: 100 l, with condensate separator filter. The position of the tank guarantees a constant feeding of the gun. Two lateral supports guarantee the safety of the operator and bear the sun-roof; glass beads gun. The slope and the opening angle of the diffuser are both adjustable; adjustable valve which delays the closing of the beads gun with respect to the paint one; two air compressed tanks guarantee a better cooling of the air itself.
- Negative brakes: the machine stops in case of breakdown or of breaking of a pipe of the hydraulic system.
- Hydraulic drive with two motors directly connected on the rear wheels. - Just one lever (joystick) controls: the forward running, the reverse running and the standstill position with the negative brakes.
- Safety device: the engine stops working in case the operator stands up without pulling the lever of the handbrake or in the case the engine compartment is open.
- Steering on the front wheels. POWER STEERING ZF
- Steering wheel adjustable longitudinally .
- Seat longitudinally and transversely sliding .
- Section-lining electronic device: 5 digits. It permits to control 3 guns at the same time and can memorize: 8 different section-lining measures (“full-empty”), total kilometres covered by the machine, total metres painted by each single gun (“full”), correction factor of the section “full-empty”, the limits of maximum-minimum speed: a buzzer (“bip-bip”) sounds, in two different ways, when the speed does not respect the pre-established limits.
- Board with warning lights.

3450x1100x2400h cm
Tare weight: 1300 kg

- Second automatic paint gun with independent control
- Second automatic glass beads gun with delay valve
- Discs of different measures (up to 90 cm)
- Pneumatic support for the paint gun
- Wagon for cones ( l= 145 cm )
- Supplementary tank of 250 l on a back wagon
- Extensible side arm and tank 26 litres for the premarking
- Pouring pump
- Manual paint gun with extension pipes
- Manual glass beads gun with extension pipes