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Special devices in the wrong direction

Detecting vehicles in the wrong

System able to detect vehicles driving in the wrong way using induction loops or radar.
Photovoltaic power supply, 12 VDC or 230 VAC.
Control cabinet containing the CPU for managing and storing events, GPS module and control unit for LED flashers.
A wireless connection between the control cabinet and flashers is available.


- Vehicle detection by inductive-loop traffic detectors or radar

- Detas D-Power LED flashers (Basic 302/201/200) or traffic light available

- Different types of flashing (50%, 10% and triflash) are available for the amber flashers

- The red steady lights give the last order to stop immediately

- Sends an SMS in case of anomaly, malfunction or low battery

- Different working logics are available and can be specified for particular applications

- The system is equipped with a data-logger that stores data of the wrong way events on an USB drive in ASCII CSV format (can be opened using Excel).