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Counter-second traffic light

Seconds counter

This counter is an addition to traffic lights, to provide an indication to drivers and pedestrians of how long each traffic light phase lasts.

- The second counter shows, with a countdown, the duration of the green GO phase and the red STOP phase, helping to optimise the phases while avoid the risk of infringement of the rules of the road.

- Thanks to the technology used in this product, the average life of the lights used in the counter is approximately 10 years. This is because, in place of the normal lights, modern high- illumination long-life  LEDs are used.
If one or more LED should fail, the device can still be used. The LED technology, as well, allows a marked reduction in energy consumption with each device consuming only 10W.

- Installation and programming are extremely easy, since the device can be mounted independently of the traffic lights structure, and its sophisticated controller. The device calculates itself the red and green times, programming itself after the first two light cycles.