Market leader of road signs. Road marking machines, traffic lights and road marking and road signs.


The company operates mainly in northern Italy, has a range of high quality products made according to law, keeping up to date on news and market needs. This ensures that the our products reflect the needs of the industry, and are synonymous of safety for all road users. Sibestar is an ideal partner for service and maintenance that give added value to products for which the company also offers a range of accessories to enhance the features and make it more multifunctional...

SIBESTAR S.r.l. was born in 1989 and ranks among the leading producers of road signs, working for individuals and institutions (including ANAS, provincial administrations, municipalities, trade centers, road contractors etc.). The production is divided into three groups: markers machines, traffic lights, vertical and horizontal road markings. The company is registered with the SOA for the OS10-OS9 category CAT II, also road signs is CE marked according to EN 12899-1:2007 (in Italy it was adopted as UNI EN 12899-1:2008).

SIBESTAR sector leading company in Italy, works in three main sectors:

Installation, maintenance and 24 hours assistance, every day of the years by highly qualified people and tools (intelligent traffic lights, mobile traffic lights, luminous signs, red light violation reading devices, traffic control systems).

Production, installation, maintenance and assistance according to the European law code. Selling of traditional refracting traffic paints, not polluting-by-water and bicomponent in cold temperatures, shipbuilding equipment and pubblic corporation supplies (standard and custom road signs, parabolic mirrors, ballot boards, traffic slow hummock, pedestrian hurdles, guard rails, etc.).

Production, maintenance, assistance and selling of all the accessories needed to realize road markings (different type of professional markers machines, cones, guns for traffic paints, TRUMETER odometers, cotton or nylon tail, etc.).

Always in the lead with new products (first company in Italy that uses not polluting-by-water paints). Sibestar works with UNI EN ISO 9002 systems and is always up dated with all the new laws such as the PRODUCT CERTIFICATION referred to the road signs and the CE for the marker machines.