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Sibeline 60 I

Spray set with pneumatic gun, telescopic. The gun is easily disconnected to facilitate packing and transport.


- 9 Hp petrol motor, cord starter with automatic rewind, air cooled, silenced, centrifugal clutch disconnects rotating parts at low revs and facilitates starting.
- Quick starting at all temperatures.
- Compressor - Capacity 540-440 l/min
- High resistance gun for normal and reflective paint.
- Gun start and stop actioned by pneumatic command with button on handle.
- Spray set with pneumatic gun, telescopic. The gun is easily disconnected to facilitate packing and transport.
- 60 litre capacity stainless steel to PED standard paint tank incorporated stirrer.
- Working pressure 4,5 atmospheres.
- 3,3 litre PED stainless steel air reserve tank
- 3.3 litre capacity PED stainless steel diluter tank for cleaning spray set.
- Two pressure regulators with manometers
- Two certified safety valves
- Pneumatic coupling to regulate air pressure
- Two non-return valves
- Controls on handlebar, easily accessible.
- Three wheels (one adjustable front wheel and two rear drive wheels) with air-filled tyres to allow very tight turns.
- Two hydraulic motors on the two rear wheels, to overcome steep gradients and guarantee good stability, both straight-ahead and in curves.
- Box for transporting tools, complete with useful tools.
- Hydraulic brake and parking brake on one of rear wheels
- Dimensions: 1,75m x 1,05m x 1,05m high.
- Empty weight: 215 kg approx.
- Supplied with 5m of extension tubing for using the gun where you want.
- The equipment is constructed for spraying pre-mixed solvent and water based paints, including reflective and epoxy paints.


- Extra manual gun.
- Extra manual gun with rigid extension.
- Pneumatically-controlled disc unit.
- Pneumo-mechanical automatic line marker.
- Spray box to paint lines
- Electric start.
- Operator trolley
- Additional 20-litre PED stainless steel tank for coloured paints.
- Flashing light*
- Illumination light*.
- Electronic line tracing*.

*In the version with electrical starter.