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Speed deterrent device

Speed Check

A device for slowing the rate “Speed Check SC-180” R, high visibility, arranged for housing the equipment for the electronic speed control.


The device is supplied with the following facilities:
- System for fastening directly on sidewalk or compact ground with threaded rods and chemical stop.
- Applications reflective for high visibility and signaling (NB to improve the preventive effect of the system, on each cabin inside the logo SPEED CHECK, is repeated the speed limit provided in that section of the road).
- All the openings of the cabin where it is provided for the connection of components that “look” the outside (the body of the detector, camera, any flash), are equipped with a compact polycarbonate plate and / or PVC foam, very durable, easily interchangeable without risk of injury (not sharp).
- The openings for access to the interior of the device, for assembly, for maintenance of the apparatus, for the installation and uninstallation of the equipment for detecting the speed, are constituted by two doors, completely removable, of the same plastic material of the cabin and beading wire stainless steel or galvanized; the upper door has two locks with cylinders in KA (openable with keys having the same encryption), the lower one is provided with latches operable from the inside through the upper opening.
- Kit for housing the instrumentation for detecting the speed (by means of appropriate connectors).


The kit for housing the instrumentation for the speed detection is made from two stainless steel shelves (for detector and CPU) and one or two support bars for the photographic equipment; It is normally recommend the purchase of 1 set for each series of cabs.

LIGHTING (for night visibility)

Lighting in mass of the cabin with 230 volt lamps connected to the network of public lighting


LED lighting with intermittence, powered by storage batteries, solar panel built into the system block with twilight function applied on the cab roof.


Elliptical external dimensions (mm): 1,800 h / I 880 / p 450; made of polyethylene, thickness 5 mm ca. Suitable housing of all types of equipment for detecting speed (speed camera, Velomatic, Speedophot, etc.).
Plastic body, very resistant, non-magnetic, dielectric, thermal insulation, radar transparent.
The extreme flexibility of the materials, their mechanical characteristics and the lightness not constitute a danger in case of accidental impact.