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Temporary traffic light

Temporary traffic light Sibesuatop09

This temporary traffic light is the only one who can manage 4 roads without linking the semaphores with cables, managed with a programmable quartz control unit with a remote control.

The blinkers are led and allow a reduced power consumption and long life. You can use for 4-way crosses, crosses a T e one-way alternating.
- led lanterns with red plus with diameter of 30 cm, yellow, and green with a diameter of 20 cm, homologated according uni En12368;
- adjustable height: from 150 cm to 200 cm with extractable pin;
- measures of the base port battery: width 60 cm, depth of 37 cm and height of 33 cm, fitted with wheels for rapid moves;
- weight per item: 25 kg;
- efficient power consumption: 150 hours continuous use with a 12 v battery 90 ah.
The semaphore mobile SIBESUATOP09 responds to all Italian ministerial certifications required.